I have to edit this???


There’d be no need if I’d written the book perfectly the first time around…or even the twenty-fifth time!

But that’s not possible, and anyone who tells us it is – isn’t a writer yet.

I’m approximately 16% of the way into the edits for my third book in the Trust No One series. Ahgh!! It’s excruciating. It’s frustrating. It’s time-consuming, taking time away from the writing project I’d much rather be working on.



But seeing my manuscript come a little closer to unfurling its butterfly wings and taking flight, after it’s been stuck in its cocoon for so long, is absolutely awesome. I’m so grateful to both my agent (Dawn Dowdle) and my editor (Chelsey Emmelhainz) who take so much of their time to help me be a better writer.

I’d like to think it’s working…a little bit…maybe?

Editing is hard work, but it’s easier with a positive, willing attitude. When I’m willing and eager to try for greatness, the sky’s the limit!

Put on your happy face!

My editor doesn’t always perceive everything I’ve written the same way I intended it. Chances are pretty good many readers won’t either. Tweak it. Change it. Fix it so it can only be interpreted one way and then move on to the next item with grace and enthusiasm.

We’re creating butterflies! Is yours ready to fly?

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9 Responses to I have to edit this???

  1. I hear you Dixie! I’ve finalized realized that behind every great writer is a great editor. When you get one you trust and can work well with, it’s a beautiful thing. Love your butterfly analogy! Writing a novel is really like the whole cocooning to flying process. Good luck with the edits. After two fabulous books in the series, I’m sure the third will find it’s way to flight and be simply as marvelous as those first two!

  2. Oh, the editing process can be so frustrating, can’t it? I love it and hate it. sometimes, a comment comes at me I don’t know how to fix and I want to tear my hair out, but I do love watching my babies shine. I think it’s the end result, knowing they’ll be better for it, that gets us through. Does me, anyway. Good luck with the editing, Dixie!

  3. Perfectly written post. Well said. It’s difficult to cut back or change scenes that as the author, we think those passages are great, and the editor says we’ll just delete those and add…..frustrating and mind-boggling. They’re reading the project in a whole new light and give us their expert opinion. I actually debated on a POV once and my editor said, it’s totally up to you, but… in the end she was right-on.

  4. Thanks, Sharon. You’re always so supportive! Yes, the process of editing is an eye-opening and humbling process. Everyone should have to do it at least once! Don’t you think?

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thanks, Joanne. Yes, the editing process can be so frustrating. Then other times, I think – I call myself an author yet I didn’t see this before someone had to point it out to me? And then sometimes I “fix” something and end up wondering if I’ve made it better or worse. Lol! But you just have to keep going and know that in the end it will be okay. It’s a little like a surgical procedure being performed by the lady at the front desk! Watch out!

    Thanks for stopping by, Joanne.

  6. Lol! I know exactly what you mean, Cathrina. “It’s totally up to you”, but the editor has been doing this for years and has the experience to back up her suggestions. So with my 2 little books under my belt, let me argue with him or her? I don’t think so!

    Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving me a comment!

  7. Editing tends to be an agonizing process. Especially when you’re doing the part that involves a search and destroy mission for particular words. Those are so painfully boring I’d rather thump my head against the wall. I keep hoping I’ll catch on to what I’m not supposed to be writing and there’ll be less work when I hit the editing phase, but no such luck so far.

    We’re all in the trenches alongside you, Dixie!

  8. Thanks, Angel. It is great comfort to have such good company down there in those trenches! Not to mention good advice and experience to draw against. Oh…and someone to remind you not to thump your head against the wall!

    Thanks for stopping by, Angel.

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