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This is James Cooper’s story.

The truth will set you free—unless it kills you first.

Three years after the love of his life is shot down over Syria, Navy SEAL James Cooper has finally accepted her death. The private security business he founded with his brothers-in-arms helps him focus on the present. Whole days go by when Coop doesn’t grieve for the dark-haired Air Force captain with the mesmerizing indigo eyes.

Until she returns from the dead. 

Jade McDowell’s life, as she knew it, ended when her Raptor crashed and she was taken hostage by a brutal jihadist. The classified nature of her final mission makes her survival and eventual rescue a national security threat. The cover-up is vast. The effects are far-reaching. Her oath of silence is absolute.  No one can know the truth…

…least of all James Cooper, the man who owns her heart. 

Infiltrating a group of armed dissidents intent on vigilante justice in a small Oregon town, Coop has his hands full. The last complication he needs is a ghost from his past. His chance encounter with Jade sets off a firestorm of events that engulfs them both. With her life in danger, he refuses to leave her unprotected. He knows she’s keeping secrets, and he’ll do whatever it takes to learn the truth.

But someone is going to great lengths to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Digital and paperback versions available!

Amazon: books2read.com/sealofsilence

Barnes & Noble: books2read.com/u/b6O8VW

iTunes: books2read.com/u/b6O8VW

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