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Many Navy SEALs have shed blood on foreign soil to keep the enemy at bay. But what if the enemy was among us the whole time?

To ex-SEAL Travis Monroe, there’s no one lower than terrorists.

When a hate group starts making bombs at a remote mountain compound, no one will keep him from the fight. But Travis’s undercover op turns deadly when a lost woman seeks shelter in their camp and finds only danger.

IT tech Jordan Hayes is on a date from hell.

A carefree drive in the beautiful Ochoco Mountains becomes a nightmare when she loses her way in the wilderness. Jordan knows her three sketchy rescuers are hiding something, but when she learns their secret it’s too late to escape.

Jordan’s innocence and courage tug at Travis’s heart, so when he overhears their plan to kill her, he has to get her out, even if it means blowing his cover. Despite the chemistry that sizzles between them, Jordan isn’t sure she can trust Travis, but when he gives her no choice, she knows her next decision will determine her life or death.

With lives and hearts on the line, will Travis convince Jordan to trust him enough to outrun the killers on their trail?

SEAL of FATE is the thrilling fifth standalone novel in the Hearts of Valor romantic suspense series.

If you enjoy non-stop action, adventure, and the bond of SEAL brotherhood, you’ll love Dixie Lee Brown’s intriguing tale.

Buy SEAL of Fate today—it might be ‘fate’!

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