All or Nothing (Trust No One #1)

Dixie Lee Brown launches her Trust No One series with this tale of a hunted woman and the only man who can save her life…if she’ll let him.

Someone wants Cara Sinclair dead. One minute she’s  enjoying a getaway at the beach, and the next she’s being chased by hit men. Rescued by a total stranger, Cara must decide whether she can trust Joe Reynolds and his team of mercenaries. The more time she spends with Joe, the more her desire for him grows. But can he truly protect her, or is she placing them all in mortal danger?

Joe agreed to protect Cara as a promise to a dying friend. He never expected to feel such heat between them, or her total lack of faith in him. Now he must convince her that  her only hope lies with him…because Joe is starting to realize he won’t be satisfied with just saving her life. Now he wants it all.

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