Getting old sucks!

Okay, so everyone already knows that…at least everyone my age or older. But the indignities just keep coming!

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I mean, ten years ago I didn’t even know what a vitreous was, or that it could collapse inside my eye, leaving me with “debris” in my field of vision that moves roughly at the speed of light every single time my eye moves.

Joining that are periodic slashes of light in my upper periphery, which I’m told is the still-attached portion of the membrane pulling on my retina. Oh, joy! So, if I start to see the pretty lights in bright daylight, or if the “debris” becomes “a lot” (how does one measure “a lot”?), then I must seek help immediately.

pretty lights

I’ve never been a hypochondriac–in fact, just the opposite. I use all my creativity to stay away from doctors, usually until I’m so sick I can’t resist being dragged to the clinic by my friends. And those tests and so-called cures that are worse than the disease? Sorry — ain’t happening!

Somewhere there should be a list of all the incredibly inconvenient things still to look forward to, just so I can be prepared. It’s hard enough to watch your muscles atrophy, the skin on your cheeks sag into jowls, and hair grow where hair was never meant to grow. We shouldn’t have to add lousy surprises to the list of things an old person gets.

Oh, and you young people who can still remember things without a list…that’s not going to last forever either!


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6 Responses to Getting old sucks!

  1. Paty Jager says:

    I hear ya! I found out last month the burning sensation in my foot is arthritis! Now, I can’t wear some of my shoes and haven’t attempted getting on my horse yet. I’m thinking I’ll have to lose more weight so I can pull with my arms and not hop on the foot trying to bounce into the saddle!

    I hope you figure out what needs done for your eye. You need those to write more books! I don’t need my foot to write.

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear about that dang arthritis. You have to be able to ride that horse! Actually been there with the foot thing about 3 years ago with surgery and the whole works. Yep, fun stuff! Not much to do for my eye except wait and see at this point. Thanks for stopping by and commiserating with me!

  3. Kim Rickman says:

    Praying your eye turns out okay :) Getting old is a pain. I keep list now, but too often I forget the list. Then what really makes me mad is I get home from the store and realize I forgot to get something off the list and I had the list the whole time… haa haa

  4. Lynn says:

    I can relate to what you are all saying :) At 40 you think I feel pretty good, by 45 you wonder what happen the last 5 years.

  5. Dixie Lee Brown says:

    I know what you mean, Kim. Half the time I forget to take my list to the grocery store. Doesn’t do a lot of good sitting on the kitchen counter! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Dixie Lee Brown says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Lynn. I guess we should realize we feel pretty good at whatever age we are.

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