By now, everybody knows I’m an animal lover…

Today, I’d like to tell you about the Bend Spay and Neuter Project. You probably have an organization a lot like this one in your community.

I first learned of BSNP about four years ago. One of the ranches the company I work for owns was being overrun by feral cats. I didn’t agree with the solution proposed to solve the problem, so I made arrangements with one of the owners to bring me all of the cats they could catch.

English: Feral cat showing fear, and lack of s...

I ended up with thirteen cats—which doesn’t really sound like that many but, trust me, thirteen feral cats is much different than thirteen domestic cats. I still have bite mark scars to prove it!

What does one do with thirteen feral cats?

Well, first we ensure they can’t make any more little feral kitties. The day I found BSNP was an amazing day!

Their mission is to end pet homelessness in Central Oregon through providing high quality, low and no cost spay and neuter services.

This organization has spayed or neutered 30,000 animals since its inception in 2005. You do the math!

When I took my thirteen cats to BSNP, which was an adventure in itself, they not only spayed or neutered all of them for a donation, but also called people who they knew were looking for barn cats and found homes for nine of the thirteen.

Needless to say, BSNP earned my undying gratitude and financial support that day.

English: Portrait of a female feral cat (Felis...
Portrait of a female feral cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the four cats I took home, I found a nice barn home for two of them, and the remaining two live with me. Smoke and Stripe. Stripe is still a little wild and won’t let anyone touch her. Smoke spends more time in the house, sitting in someone’s lap, than she does in the barn.

BSNP is run with volunteers, and their only source of income is donations. Is there a similar organization in your area? If there is—support them…or volunteer. They do miraculous things!!

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